How to understand your customers and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns

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Since the competition is increasingly fierce and communication channels are multiplying, traditional generic advertising campaigns, which are expensive, are now created to be available in several medias.

In front of this new reality, enterprises play heads or tails by focusing on one big goal: to reach as many customers as possible.

This strategy is not necessarily the best way to promote your product even if it is destined for the general public. Thankfully, there are ways to create very or more targeted campaigns and it is possible when the marketing is steered by data.


Performance indicators at the marketing’s service

It doesn’t require a never ending operation, all you need is to base your strategy on known facts by making available data collection and processing a priority and analyzing your customers various information.

You can always use a large amount of data from different sources to your advantage, but you have to keep in mind that the information will be useless if you do not exploit it.

A good analysis requires expertise and the technologies to help you improve significantly your competences and efficiency. It is mainly essential though to establish a clear reports system to be able to easily read the results and make the right decisions.

This way you will transform your data in knowledge and create a tool to help your enterprise stand out.


To understand your customers

With a better understanding of your customers you will be able to create many client profiles instead of a large one and then make strategic hypotheses to test. You will subsequently be able to use the results to optimise and simplify your processes.

This approach is a continuous adaptation cycle that will make you think more “process” than “campaign” and allow you to adopt a more profitable strategy, improve the communications with your customers and systematically analyze the impact of your campaigns.


To stand out from the competition

It is a fact well-known that a poorly executed marketing campaign can shock the consumers and certainly harm the image of your brand.

The implementation of a data integration and management project will give you the tools needed to gather and transform data. It will also encourage you to establish a data usage framework, adopt better management practices and invite your team members to participate to the strategic decisions impacting them.

The benefit of this marketing approach is that it will help you better adapt to the market and strengthen the elements with perceived value for the customers.

Finally, don’t be overwhelmed by all the data. After all, your customers are human. The goal is to use the data to know the context in which your enterprise evolves, while still using your knowledge and creativity to try new approaches

You have to “think differently” and innovate to successfully stand out from the competition.

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