Sales Dashboard & Analytics Reports

We developed report and dashboard templates for sales improvement intended for the sales-marketing teams. Each template can be adapted to your specific needs and implemented in your technological environment (ERP, business intelligence tools, etc.). We also designed dashboards and reports to exploit and combine your data and external data from your customers (e.g. POS) or the market.

•Sales increase
Identify new sales opportunities, monitor sales and objectives more systematically and align strategies, tactics and operations through the implementation of targeted dashboards for sales and marketing teams (VP, directors, representatives,…).

•Time spent on management (not sales-related) transferred to high value-added activities
Sales and marketing managers waste a lot of time building reports, OR they don’t build them and lose opportunities. The implementation of dashboards available at all times and based on the best practices of the industry will reduce the administrative burden and give your teams the opportunity to focus on what’s important.

•Sales improvement
Monitor essential elements (prices, products, positioning, clients, promotions, …) with better strategies and analysis tools.

•Better anticipation and adaptation regarding the results
A good overview and an optimized drill-down strategy can help you identify exceptions and monitor deviations from the plan. This way your team can better predict and anticipate the sales.

•Margins increase
Dashboards are communication tools that help the alignment by preserving the balance between what you want to sell, what you can sell and what you have to sell to increase your margins.

Examples (short list)

-Dashboards for Sales VP/Manager, Representative on the road, Account Manager (KAM)

-Store, retailer or banner dashboards

-Multi-retailers dashboards

-Analysis of the discrepancies between forecasts, objectives and sales

-Distribution dashboards

-Lost opportunities / Unsold products

-Promotions and price adjustments impact

-POS sales vs. shipping and inventory

-Category trend

-Sales positioning by store (“store ranking”), by product (“sku-ranking”)

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