About DEV-ID

Dev-ID is a private company in business since 2001.  

Our team members are experts in sales steering, category management, planning/forecasting, data integration and dashboards.

We believe that sales/planning teams should:

  • Have access to precise, relevant and quality information.
  • Work with the best tools.
  • Have the best business analysis training and an optimal sales steering process.

Our goal :
Increasing and Improving your sales with an optimized data use.

Our management team: 

President (Partner)
Highly committed to simplify managers’ lives and increase enterprises’ efficiency, Dominic conveys Dev-ID’s vision to become a global leader in sales steering (helping enterprises optimize data usage to improve their sales) wherever he goes.
IT specialist with excellent communication skills and a talent for making complex information accessible, he is on a mission to help managers seize all the opportunities that sales steering can bring.
With a strategic insight and an approach based on concrete, short-term improvements, he implements innovative, efficient and achievable business practices for Dev-ID and its clients-partners.

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Vice-president, Information Technology (Partner)
With almost 20 years of experience working in various companies, Jonathan is a multi-instrumentalist in information technologies and an expert in data integration, business intelligence, software development and systems architecture.
As a technologist known for his exceptional efficiency and a recognized businessman in sync with his clients’ reality, Jonathan is responsible for the enterprise’s technological orientations.
True business partner to his clients, he helps enterprises’ managers to simplify and optimize their processes and to distinguish themselves by implementing the best analysis practices.

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