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When we mention the word “steering”, most people see themselves driving a Formula 1 car making laps at 300 km/h on the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in front of a dazzled crowd. Sure thing is, for that kind of adventure, you need to see clearly!

But did you know you could also be steering your sales? Imagine your salespeople in the driver’s seat of your enterprise, in a market where everyone needs to make sharp turns and informed decisions while considering lots of accumulating information, travelling and expiring at high speed.


The objective of sales steering is to optimize the methods used by your “managers” to process and utilize the data to improve your sales.

You are a manufacturer with a range of over 500 products that get to Canadian consumers through your customers (distributors, banners and retailers) across the country. We can buy your products in more than 2000 sales points. Your sales team is composed of 20 people, coordinating their efforts to contribute to the enterprise’s growth and offer quality customer service. 

Sylvain, the regional director in Quebec, spends an average of two days per week on office work. 

Wouldn’t it be better if Sylvain could spend one more day per week on the road with his customers?

It is actually possible to implement practices that will increase significantly and tangibly your enterprise’s efficiency. Here are some examples:

  • Reduce the time allotted for business reviews by implementing a report showing the best indicators, so you can take action accordingly.
  • Implement a dashboard so Sylvain can always know the status of the orders and the inventory available for sale. Since he will have less follow-ups to do with the factories, he will save 2 hours per week.
  • Standardize price control at all levels (customer service, sales,…) to reduce the time Sylvain spends handling the claims of unsatisfied customers by 2 hours per week.

That’s not all… By adding indicators to your business review Sylvain will be able to identify new opportunities more easily. For example, we will be able to target the products popular with consumers that his customers don’t have in stock.

You will never find a driver that enjoys making a pit stop. No more than you will find a salesperson that wants to spend time at the office.

Sales steering will help your sales team see clearly, so they can take the wheel and win the race.

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