Sales Steering Consulting                   

To promote the adoption of best practices and sales performances, our team collaborates directly with the sales managers and offers consulting and training in processes improvement.

Our interventions with the different members of the sales and marketing teams provide a simplified and systematic opportunities identification process and reduce the portion of lost sales.

•Improve strategic positioning by implementing category management practices 
Our advisers are trained in category management. They support organizations in the implementation of the best practices to improve their positioning vs. their clients (retailers and consumers) and to adapt to the industry’s new realities.

•Target the most relevant performance indicators for each of the team members
Sales managers are often swarmed with reports. By targeting the most relevant indicators for each manager and distributing them properly you will improve significantly the quality of their interventions.

•Improve the sales force efficiency
We plan each intervention with the sales teams to optimize it (e.g. account visit, internal sales review meeting, customer visits planning, forecasts review, meeting with a retailer, …).

•Promote best practices in sales analysis
It is imperative to make sure the managers who use reports, dashboards and sales analysis are on the same page and efficiently exploit the information.

•Promote an alignment of the strategies, tactics and operations
Defining clear and precise goals, key performance indicators and systematic and structured processes will promote an alignment of the strategies, tactics and operations.


Examples of interventions (Short list)

-Sales steering diagnosis and action plan

-Coordination and sales steering meetings

-Implementation of opportunity management processes

-Review of promotional budgets planning/revision and forecasts

-Design of sales dashboard models

-Sales teams training on dashboards and sales analysis

-Training and support on sales dashboards implementation

-Training on opportunity management and CRM tools



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