Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Prepare, anticipate and implement an efficient demand planning. We developed sales and operations planning solutions to harmonize the planning process and the interactions between departments.

•Increase your forecasts accuracy
Our planning engine and forecasts management tools provide a significant increase in forecasts accuracy. 

•Increase productivity
Reduce the time spent managing forecasts and relay clear and structured information to your planning/production/purchasing teams.

•Reduce your inventories
With precise forecasts and a greater capacity for anticipation you can reduce your inventories and avoid product waste.

 •Improve team work
Forecasts follow-ups are open to interpretation and often lead to extensive discussions. With standardized forecasts management tools and processes, these discussions are much more effective and the information transmitted between the various participants is the same.

-Complete Dev-ID’s S&OP tool

-Management of POS expeditions / sales forecasts (” Sell-In / Sell-Out ” analysis / Inventory retailing by stores/)

-Engine generation of forecasts of Dev-ID who can be fastened on all the systems (multiple algorithms of forecasts generation, management of “best-fits”)

-Tools of contribution to the demand management (For the Key Account Managers (KAM), for the planners, for director / representatives of sales)

-Dashboards of forecasts (gap analyses by categories, by products, by month)

-Solution of forecasts management and seized of increments

-Management of the forecasts linked to the promotional Calendar of Dev-ID

-S&OP dashboards


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