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We implemented many mobile solutions for sales forces on different technology platforms. Not only do we offer our clients turnkey solutions, but we also help them put in place mobile sales solutions by using technologies already available in their organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the many options that are available to you.

•Give your team the opportunity to take action at the right time to improve your sales
The mobile tools will relay the information quickly and efficiently to your sales team, so they can access it anytime and anywhere.  

•Transform your sales team into strategic managers
When your team is provided with relevant information on the field, they can better advise your customers and base their selling points on verified and updated facts.

•Detect new opportunities
By providing mobile access to targeted dashboards and reports you give your team members the tools to identify tangible opportunities and to share them with your customers to improve their sales and yours.

 •Reduce errors, time loss and paperwork
Many representatives still receive reports by email, analyse them in Excel, print them and revise them with a highlighter. Mobility eliminates a significant amount of paperwork, reduces the potential for errors while interpreting the results and conducting the sales and saves a lot of time for each of your team members.

•Fully exploit the technologies within your reach
The technologies available (tablet, iPAD, Smart phone, etc.) provide essential tools to your sales force. It is possible to implement a solution adapted to your budget with an excellent return on investment regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Examples of solutions

-Reports and dashboards for mobile sales team (multi-platforms: iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft tablet, web, …)

-Mobile solutions based on known business intelligence softwares (Microsoft SQL Server, Business Objects, Oracle,…)

-Mobile CRM solutions based on known softwares

-Customized CRM and sales management mobile solutions developed by Dev-ID

Choosing your mobile solution

To guarantee the success of a mobile project for your sales force and improve the sales, you must make the right choices and determine what will allow the team to act efficiently on the field. We help our clients to prioritize and structure the implementation of mobile tools for their sales force, whether it is a mobile report/dashboard solution, a customer relations management (CRM) solution or a combination of both.

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