With good practices and efficient merchandizing and promotion management tools you ensure the right products will be available at the right place and at the right time.

•Improve the control of in-store implementation
Many merchandizing strategies are improperly executed “on the field”. With efficient tools your teams can verify that the in-store implementation goes according to plan.

•Improve your teams efficiency
Mobile teams spend a lot of time managing essential information (orders, planograms conformity, prices/promotions monitoring, …) with tools that are often not very efficient. Our solutions are user-friendly, usable on-site and will save you time.

•Optimize promotion management
An efficient management of the promotional activities combined to quality tools provide a better coordination of the activities, a systematic monitoring of the promotions impact and a more efficient stock management. Additionally, you will have a better communication with your customers and increase your return on promotional investments.

•Improve your price management
Make sure your price management is efficient, structured and unlikely to cause mistakes.

•Use planograms
Provide your teams with clear, structured and updated information for your planograms and their implementation in every stores.

Examples (Short list)

-Dev-ID’s Promotional calendar management solution

-Mobile solutions for in-store teams (POS sales analysis, orders, planograms conformity, …)

-Dashboards for account managers (promotion management, planograms, retailers inventory, …)

-Price management tools (monitoring of prices conformity, shipments and flow rates, …)

-Dashboards for category managers (positioning by category, distributive indicators [number of products, stores], grouping of stores, products, …)

-Dashboards for brand managers



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