Excel is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, a lot of managers don’t make optimal use of it. This results in a loss of efficiency and more errors. To benefit from Excel’s full potential and simplify things for your managers, our team developed Excelerator, a software that enhances Excel. We also assist many enterprises to simplify and improve the Excel files already used by their managers.

•Take advantage of Excel’s power
Excel is present in most enterprises and offers countless possibilities. Managers often use only a small portion of its functionalities. We can help you make full use of this powerful tool.

•Improve what’s already there
Many managers already use Excel to perform complex tasks (budget planning, forecasts review, multiple data source reports, etc.). Most of these tools have great value but are difficult to maintain. We can help you improve them significantly without having to discard them.

•Build on the knowledge you already have and the adoption of Excel by your managers
Many managers already know and adopted Excel. It is possible to take advantage of this knowledge and give training to your managers so they can be even more efficient.

•Use Excel in a safe and structured way
Enterprises often fear that the use of Excel will bring confusion and won’t be sufficiently structuring. Excelarator provides a safe environment to use Excel and prevents the multiplication of file versions.

•Reduce errors
Using Excel often rimes with copy/paste and data manipulation. All these manipulations can generate errors. With Excelarator and our integration methods in Excel we can eliminate errors caused by data manipulation.

Our Excelarator product
Excelarator :

    is a software solution providing analysis and management of informations from different data sources to ease the decision making process for the organizations’ managers.
    offers a module to secure data access and manage user permissions.
    allows for the creation of dashboards, flexible and customizable analysis and data management forms in Excel.
    is also a development platform offering a set of mechanisms to design and deploy management applications quickly in Excel.

Processes standardization and improvement of existing Excel files
You already have complex Excel documents used by your managers? We can help you transform these complex files in standardized tools that are much easier to maintain. Whether it is to simplify life for a few executives or hundreds of managers, it is possible to improve your existing Excel files.

Advanced and customized Excel training
We offer specific training for managers on the efficient use of advanced Excel functionalities (pivot tables, conditional formatting, use of external data sources). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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